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Tugas 3 Bahasa Inggris Niaga UT Tentang Laissez-Faire

 Pada tugas 3 kali ini, anda akan membuat sebuah essay dengan topik yang dapat anda pilih. Ketentuan penulisan essaynya sebagai berikut:

• Essay paling tidak terdiri atas 3 paragraf (paragraf awal, isi dan bagian penutup).

• Essay atau jawabanmu ditulis dalam rentang 150-200 kata.

• Jawaban atau tulisan yang anda buat harus dalam bentuk word.

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The principles of Laissez-Faire should be implemented to protect national economy. Do you agree/disagree to the statement?


I do not agree with the statement which states that Laissez-Faire must be implemented to protect the national economy. It is true, in practice the economic market will be freer and have a greater chance of making a profit. However, it must be realized that companies do not have the right to fully control the country's economy.

According to the Laissez-Faire principle, companies will be more free to carry out all their economic activities, which means that it is possible that they will do many things that can harm in the long run or harm society at large. For example, without intervention from the government, there will be more possibilities for exploitation of workers, environmental damage, and various other disasters that will harm the community.

The company is not right to take control of the economy because the company is a subjective actor who will only be concerned with the need for profit and does not judge based on all aspects, unlike the government.
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